Join Engineering World Health at DTU

We encourage everyone to join us on facebook and instagram in order to stay updated with events, information and deadlines for Summer Institutes, workshops and other activities we might host. 

Being a member of EWH DTU allows you to:

  1. Join our teams: Education, PR and Networking, Projects, Workshop and Going Abroad.
  2. Receive economical support for you participation in Summer Institutes if you are active in the Fundraising group.
  3. Help support EWH DTUs gatherings (workshops, social events...)
  4. Vote at the general assemblies and run as a board member.

Sign up using the microsoft form below: 

Membership fee:

  • costs 100 DKK
  • lasts for one year (ends after 2 DTU academic semesters depending on when you apply)
  • must be paid within 2 weeks after submission of the following form. Otherwise, the membership will be cancelled.

The money must be deposited in the association's account (Nykredit): Reg. No. 5479 / Account No. 4831737
You can also pay with MobilePay: 55274

A confirmation of the registration will be sent to the specified mail.