EWH DTU's History

Engineering World Health (EWH) is an organization that helps hospitals in developing countries with medical devices. As the amount of donated equipment from industrialized countries has increased, there is a need for skilled personnel who are able to install new and repair old equipment. It is necessary to follow the support by providing assistance to self-help in communities so that they are able to maintain sophisticated equipment in the long term. Read more about the main organization EWH on the website.

Engineering World Health at the Technical University of Denmark (EWH DTU) is an official local department of the international non-profit organization EWH. We started small as a so-called student chapter, but we are now a university chapter and we are in close cooperation with DTU and EWH. The association is divided into smaller committees, which are described under the About tab.

"It has been a great pleasure to follow how the young students from EWH DTU have shortly established a series of actions that could improve treatment for patients in those parts of the world where life can be the most difficult when a disease hits. I support the organization in every possible way and I urge all others to do the same.
Prof. Dr. Liselotte Højgaard MD DMSc

EWH DTU was founded in September 2013 and currently has around 50 members. We have introduced initiatives that will help to fulfill EWH's purpose. This is done by creating a platform for our members where there is the opportunity to utilize the student's professional knowledge in terms of making a big difference in hospital sectors in developing countries. At the same time, EWH DTU is also a union where students can acquire new and different skills, as a classical university education does not provide. Furthermore, it functions as a good place to create a global network of students with interest in engineering, medico and charity work.

EWH DTU focuses on educating students in the challenges associated with the import of medical devices in developing countries. Work is being done to develop easy-to-use equipment, reliable and simple to maintain. EWH DTU has been included in several courses at the bachelor's degree in medicine and technology at DTU to focus on healthcare issues in developing countries.

We are proud that DTU's engineering students can effectively translate the knowledge they receive into their education, for the benefit of developing countries around the world. The students present with creativity, commitment and the desire to make a difference, while DTU in Collaboration with the University of Copenhagen contributes to research-based education in advanced technology in civil engineering education in Medicine and Technology. This is the recipe for how we can help to improve the lives of the citizens in some of the world's most vulnerable communities.
Martin Vigild Former Dean of the Bachelor's Degrees and the Study Environment DTU
EWH DTU organizes a series of workshops for our members every year in order to activate as many members as possible. Over the years, we have had some good external partners that enable these workshops to be held. Among other things, we have been able to review and check equipment before it was shipped to Ukraine, rescheduled operating lights before they were sent to Nepal and tested blood transfusion equipment.
  • In 2014 and 2015, the EWH DTU received sufficient funds to send 9 students at the EWH Summer Institute to Tanzania and Rwanda.
  • In 2016, EWH DTU established a new Summer Institute in Nepal in collaboration with EWH, sending abroad 10 DTU students. During the summer institute, 280 pieces of equipment worth around 3.8 million DKK had been fixed.
  • In 2017, EWH DTU sent abroad 16 DTU students to Nepal and Tanzania in collaboration with EWH. During the summer institute, 203 pieces of equipment worth around 2.5 mio DKK had been fixed, not to mention the quantity of improvement added to the patient care by the work.
  • In 2018, EWH DTU sent abroad 15 students to Nepal and Mongolia. 297 pieces of medical devices was repaired with a combined value of $594.000. 
  • In 2019, EWH DTU sent abroad 10 students to Nepal. 
Greetings to all at DTU! DTU Summer Institute students have done it all: fixed hundreds of pieces of equipment, taught staff how to use and maintain it, and in doing so, saved countless lives. EWH is proud to partner with the resourceful and engaged students of DTU. And we are both grateful and impressed at your fundraising progress! We hope to welcome you for many years to come
Leslie Calman Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer, Engineering World Health
EWH DTU is an organization driven by voluntary student work and we are a democratic organization in which members influence the projects on which they work. If you are interested in making a big difference while at the same time gaining professional skills and building a global network of like-minded people, please feel free to contact us. Under the Become a Member tab, you can join our organization.